Storytelling in Spain

Multimedia narrative journalism project, summer 2014
ieiMedia, California State University, Fullerton

Screenshot of blog, Storytelling in Spain
Click to visit my WordPress travel blog.


  • Explore the city of Valencia and tell the lesser-known stories of with an emphasis on narrative storytelling
  • Work with a translator and practice interviewing techniques and intercultural communications skills
  • Research current events and how they affect the economy and local society
  • Produce a final project based on a local topic, complete with in-depth interviews

During my first time traveling abroad I was a part of ieiMedia’s narrative journalism program in Spain, where I utilized my learned skills in research, interviewing, filming and editing to create a multimedia blog to document my adventures. All editing was done through Adobe Creative Suite and WordPress, and I worked closely with some of the finest professional journalists, photographers and videographers in North America.

My final project consisted of a four-and-a-half minute video that delves into the controversial topic of bullfighting. Along with my partners I journeyed to the outskirts of Valencia, to a ranch run by two brothers who transitioned from bullfighting to breeding. We spent nearly a week in the small villages and on the ranch, interviewing the locals and essentially becoming honorary members of their tight-knit community. This project has inspired me to continue traveling, and I hope to document many more fascinating stories around the world for my audience to experience.

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