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For the Love of Bulls

“For the Love of Bulls” takes you into the world of a former professional bullfighter, who is now a full-time bull breeder. Javier “El Javi” Lopez takes the viewers through his journey and how he has been able to change his career path and still be part of the bullfighting world.

Health fitness photo by Monica Linzmeier.

‘Weight’ a minute: On-the-go and fun ways to get in shape at the student union

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Panel aims to combat San Diego homelessness

Last Thursday, a small crowd gathered in the back streets of downtown San Diego. The evening sun sank below the skyline, illuminating the rain-soaked ground as a cold chill swept the air. In the distance stood a large white tent, looming like a beacon against the darkening sky. Normally the structure serves as a haven for the homeless during the winter months, but this night held a different purpose.

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Prop 37: Consumers have a right to know about GMOs

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Sleepless SD naps on issues

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