San Francisco, CA

Day 3: 378.0 miles, 583.7 total



One thing I’ve learned about travel so far is that it’s okay to depend on the kindness of others. I’ve always been somewhat of a hardheaded independent who doesn’t like asking for help. But I’m so very grateful to the friends and family that have helped me along this new journey so far. My mother tagged along for my second leg, which made passing through the gloomy fog-covered nothingness that stretched between Pasadena and our destination much easier.

Sunday evening welcomed us to Walnut Creek, where our gracious hosts continuously poured wine and made sure we were fed after the long journey north. It was great seeing them again, and my visit served as a reminder to not forget I still have friends in far away places. I was able to shower, rest and fall asleep in a comfortable bed, and awoke the next morning ready to tackle San Francisco.

The city is beautiful. It’s always one thing to see a place on TV and imagine you’re there, and entirely another to experience it yourself. You can’t fully enjoy something through a screen while sitting at home in your pajamas. To experience life, you have to go live it.

When I look back at the photos from this trip years from now, I’ll vaguely recall little details. But over time the feel of the mist from the ferry to Alcatraz won’t be as cold as it was; the wind won’t be as biting. The intense blue-green of the clear bay will fade, and I’ll eventually forget the smell of saltwater and fresh baked bread in the air. That’s why it’s so important to just enjoy the moments as they come, rather than try and document everything for later. Because later will always come, but now is only for the moment.

My advice to you, fellow traveler, is to not be afraid. Not of the future, of forgetting, or of doing things that make you look silly. Life doesn’t care how you look, nor will it often give you a chance to relive an instance you wish you had taken. In the grand scheme of things we don’t have a lot of time on this wonderful planet we call home, so we must make every moment count. It’s up to you to figure out what that means.

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