Venice, CA

Day 2: 121.4 miles, 121.4 miles total

Stretch of beach at Venice, California. The fisherman's pier extends in the distance.

Would you believe I’ve lived in Southern California most of my life and have never been to Venice Beach? Sad, right?

I wanted to see Muscle Beach. I wanted to see the “crazies” I’ve heard about, the reason flocks of people congregate to the concrete boardwalk. After a nice Mexican lunch at a nearby restaurant, a friend and I made our way down the street, past the throngs of cars pushing and shoving to get to the parking lot. At first, Venice Beach wasn’t much different than the boardwalk of Mission Beach back home. But I found what I was looking for when we hit the crowds, right down to muscleheads flexing for cash and a guy talking to himself near the skate park. Success!

Overall, not a bad day. After my GoPro battery dying as I made the crest above LAX and getting lost in Pasadena, Venice was a well-deserved mini-vacation. I’m going to miss those Southern California sunsets.

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